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James Bond - Fact or Fiction?

James bond is a fictional British secret service agent based on, supposedly, a real life MI6 spy. He was created by British journalist and novelist, Ian Fleming, in 1953. In the novels, the Bond character is a spy  residing in London but works internationally. Bond is known for his style, taste in wine and women. He loves the good life but at the same time, he is a cold, efficient executioner. Several films of James Bond have been made. They are renowned for a number of features, including theme music, cars, girls guns, and the gadgets.


Identify the movie from the poster

Identify the movie name from the poster.

Men In Black 3 Quiz

Men In Black 3 is the the third installment of the very successful science fiction franchise. Agent K and J are out to save the world from weird looking alien invaders again. Are you a fan of the movie? Check how well you know your agents in black suits.

Supply the missing word in the Movie title 101

The following are a list of popular movie titles. Can you supply the missing words:

Crash - 360 Knowledge Check

Crash is a 2004 movie about racial tensions in American. The film focuses around Los Angeles, California. According to the co-writer and director, Paul Haggis, the film was inspired by his personal experiences. The movie won a massive three Oscars: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing in 2005 at the 78th Academy Awards.

Guess the Movie from the Quotes 101

We all love a good action movie. Some catchphrases from popular films have become as popular as the movies themselves. Try and guess the name of the movie from the catchphrases below:

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