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Interesting people

Be happy people!

Be happy people!

Facts about Oprah Winfrey

Born "Orpah" Gail Winfrey in 1954 into a life of poverty, Oprah has been able to break through from a racist and anti-feminist background. She overcame rape, teenage pregnancy and other obstacles to become one of the most successful media personalities in the world. The following is a quiz about Oprah to see how well you know her.

Facts about George Clooney

George Timothy Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky in May 1961. He is an American Actor and film maker. He has been nominated for, and won various awards.

Clooney is also known for his political activism and humanitarian works. How well do you know this film icon? Test your knowledge by answering the following questions.

Barack Obama - USA President

Barack Obama is the charismatic first African American President of the United States of America. Very popular around the world for this fact, I have prepared the following quiz around him.

Pick the odd person out 101

Within each group of photographs is one person who does not belong there. It could be by their trade or profession or by the way they live their lives. Some are even connected by the way they met their demise.

Your task is to figure out the odd person. You have been given a clue below each picture group on what to look for.

Steve Jobs - 360 Degree Knowledge

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest inventors of modern times. He is credited with creating some of the most widely used computers and phones. A true pioneer of the desktop computer revolution, he, sadly, lost his life at an early age to illness. (photo: via

Bob Marley - 360 Degree Knowledge

Bob Marley is credited with exporting Raggae music outside the shores of Jamaica. Before he died at a very young age he had recorded some of the most iconic reggae songs which remain popular many years after his death. The unique selling point of his songs was their philosophical depth and the message of social justice and human equality.

Justin Bieber - 360 Degree Knowledge

We are gripped in Biebermania! His fans, known as "Beliebers" are mostly young people who have helped him break several social media records including Youtube views, Twitter followers etc This quiz is for those who enjoy his music. Check how much you really know your star! Are you a true Belieber?

Tupac Shakur - 360 Degree Knowledge

Tupac Shakur was head and shoulders above most rap musicians that was and is still in the industry today. An accomplished poet, he wove and rhymed some of the best known and loved rap lyrics in Hip Hop.

A life of violence, often portrayed in his music, led to his death in 1996. However, death has not stopped his continual influence and his rhymes still deliver as if he continues to live.

Below are a few questions around the life of this great artiste. See what you know about Tupac Shakur.

Guess the celeb on the photo 101

In the photo is a very popular film actor. He has starred in several box office hits and is a favourite with many movie fans. Study the photo below and see if you can recognise him.

By answering the following questions, you should be able to work out who he is.


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