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What is Goal line technology

Goal line technology is a system that determines if the ball has slightly crossed the line, assisting referees in awarding a goal or not. The system was implemented due to critisms of major decisions made by referees in competitions over the world.

Guess the game from the description

Playing sports can help improve one's physical ability and skills. It can be recreational, entertaining and competitive for those involved as well as the fans and spectators. There are thousands of sporting activities... which can you describe.

Euro 2012 Participating Countries

Sixteen (16) nations are currently participating in the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship tournament otherwise known as Euro 2012.

In the following quiz, identify these nations by choosing YES or NO from the drop down menu below each country.

Included in the list are the two host nations: Ukraine and Poland. That should be a bonus to set you on your way. It is the first time the two nations are hosting the tournament.

Top Footballer Names in Reverse

Following are the photos of some of the best known footballers the planet has ever seen. Below each picture is the name of the person BUT written in reverse minus one alphabet.

Using the picture as an aid, type in the name of each person below their photos. Note that wrongly spelled names will be considered as wrong.

The London Marathon - 360 Degree Knowledge

The London Marathon is a long-distance running event held in London, United Kingdom. Apart from being a running event, it has been a source of raising millions of pounds for charity. Participants come from all over the world every year.

The following is a quiz built around the event.


The English Premier League - Test your football knowledge

The English Premier League is one of the most popular football tournaments in the world. Boasting many millionaire sports men, it has the likes of Spanish La Liga, Germany's Bundesliga to compete with. It has footballers from virtually every nation in the world. Try your hands and see how much you really know about this great sports brand.

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Where did Ebola virus come from?

Are Africans the only ones who ate "dirty" meat?

3 years 3 months ago
Where did Ebola virus come from?

Ebola came from primates like apes. It got into humans via eating unsterile meat. Particularly in Africa where the practice of eating "bush meat"...3 years 3 months ago

What jobs need knowledge of computer programming?

You have mentioned mostly core coding related jobs. What about:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Project manager (IT)
  3. Software...3 years 3 months ago

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