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Complete the song lyrics 101

The following are the lyrics to popular songs from across different genres. Can you add the missing words? The hit below each lyric might be of great help.

This British songstress won 2012 Album of the Year. The album is called 21
She was the diva who came from the church chior to conquer the world of music. Sadly she lost her live at an early age. Try the Cheat Link if you cant guess it.
2 words expected here. British songstress. Did this song with an American rapper. She's been on the BBC show: "The Voice". Try the Cheat Link if you still don't know it.
A song by the king of pop. Still don't have it? Try the Cheat Link
He used to be in the Commodores. Check the Cheat Link if you don't remember.
Despite being one of the most beautiful musicians around she still craves the privileges the opposite sex seem to enjoy. She has been known to be bootilicious
The song is about a certain device that protects one from the rain. The singer is originally from the Caribbean. Still dont know it? Check the Cheat Link.
One of these 4 girls married a very popular footballer from Britain. They were probably the biggest girl band from the UK in the 90s. Use the Cheat Link if you cant remember.
UK female singer. Try the Cheat Link if you cant remember.
2 words expected here. Its a song about a major American city - by a popular Hip Hop star and a female RnB singer. Cheat Link


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