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A day in the life of a Computer Engineer- Bangladesh

The life of a computer engineer in Bangladesh is a routine office work type existence. Typical office hours would be 9am to 5pm. On a work day, one needs to leave the house very early in the morning as "traffic jam" is a big issue in Bangladesh. You also don't get home till late after being stuck in traffic. During the working week, one does not get much free time to do anything else or to have much time with family. Everyone waits for the weekends for a hangout or a family dinner in a restaurant.               

In Bangladesh, there is plenty of opportunities in the IT sector but the salaries are not as good as in the "developed" countries. A good computer engineer gets a job easily. Every company, these days, want to have something to do with software so jobs related to software development are relatively easier to get.

In terms of qualifications needed, Diploma holders do get jobs in software companies but their salaries are relatively lower. A B.Sc. qualified engineer with good, proven I.T. skills get very good salaries even though  opportunity is limited at this level. A lot of Bangladesh I.T. graduates, especially from reputable universities travel abroad for jobs. Some have settled there permanently.

Salaries vary from $100 to $2000 and $2500 for a computer scientist in Bangladesh. Remuneration increases with experience. A B.Sc qualification commands considerably higher salary than a Diploma. In Bangladesh, coding skills in languages like C, C++, PHP, JAVA, ANDROID, HTML, CSS are highly sought after.

To boost your chance of getting a job in an IT firm in Bangladesh, one should at least be a graduate in computer science or engineering. Nevertheless, there are also people of non-IT background working in I.T. companies. Some are self taught or have attended training courses.

These days "freelancing" has become a great source of income in Bangladesh. Freelancing involves offering your skills on a short term basis for quick pay. A great deal of freelancing is done on the internet by computer professionals as there a re numerous programming jobs available. Computer scientists are the best earners when it comes to freelancing jobs. In the last 3-4 years a significant number of people got involved in freelancing - most of them are computer engineers.

A big contributor to the advancement of I.T. in Bangladesh is the improvement of mobile technology (Android, IOS, Windows). This opened the door for making money through "apps" development. Android apps are very common in Bangladesh as around a third of the population use Android phones.  

I would say in Bangladesh today, computer professionals are having a great time in comparison to the other professions.

(this article was contributed by a guest writer: A. Rahman, a Computer Engineer in Bangladesh).

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