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How to speed up a slow computer system

Submitted by roxxette on Thu, 2014-10-09 21:26
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It inevitably happens after a few months. Windows computers progressively become slower. It can be a frustrating experience for most of us who are not geeks. I went on a hunt for a solution to this issue and as usual there are plenty of sources of information. The problem, as always, is to sift the wheat from the chaff. Basically most solutions propose clearing out as much unused data as possible to free up space and memory. Below are my finds:

1.) to Speed Up a Slow Windows Computer for Free: 14 steps). I actually used one of the solutions offered here and saw results immediately. My problem had been several programs running in the background and using up my laptop memory.

Surprisingly, a simple Windows utility:MSCONFIG solved the problem. As stated, do not go about disabling programs unless you are absolutely sure what they are. In my case, several applications were connecting to the internet without my knowledge. As suggested as well, a simple cold restart of the computer does help as well as certain closed applications still remain in memory, taking up space. Up to 14 solutions are offered in this article. There is no how one of them will not make a pc start performing again.

2.) (Increase PC speed: Optimize your computer, help your PC run faster). I also found a comprehensive list of solutions from How better than to hear it from the horse's mouth. Suggested solutions include:

a.) Clear out all temporary files

b.) Clear the Recycle Bin

c.) Run the Disk Cleanup utility

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