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Rap Music

The History of Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music started out in New York, USA with DJs sampling the popular songs of the day on their turn tables. It has since become a massive multi million dollar industry. It has created huge stars competing at the same level with Rock, Disco and other music genres.

It is not lacking in political expressions as well. The original founders used it as a medium to express their opinions against social injustice common in those days.

Tupac Shakur - 360 Degree Knowledge

Tupac Shakur was head and shoulders above most rap musicians that was and is still in the industry today. An accomplished poet, he wove and rhymed some of the best known and loved rap lyrics in Hip Hop.

A life of violence, often portrayed in his music, led to his death in 1996. However, death has not stopped his continual influence and his rhymes still deliver as if he continues to live.

Below are a few questions around the life of this great artiste. See what you know about Tupac Shakur.

Name the Music Group from the Photo

They are a very popular hip-hop band. Do you recognise them?

Complete the song lyrics 101

The following are the lyrics to popular songs from across different genres. Can you add the missing words? The hit below each lyric might be of great help.

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