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Pick the odd person out 101

Within each group of photographs is one person who does not belong there. It could be by their trade or profession or by the way they live their lives. Some are even connected by the way they met their demise.

Your task is to figure out the odd person. You have been given a clue below each picture group on what to look for.

Pick the odd animal out 102

Do you know what relates Neanderthal man with a Whale? Or what is common between a Pigeon and a Hawk? There is more to be figured out in the photos below.

In each group of three photos is one animal that does not belong there. You have been given a clue below each picture group on what to look for.

You should think in terms of biological classification, anatomical makeup, service to man, adoption as pets etc

Spot the Odd One 101

Study the following animal photos and pick which should not be in the group. It could be about the eating habits, the specie or habit etc.

Out of each three photos, one creature does not belong. Which is the odd one out?

Company Logos Quiz 101

Logos every where. Our favorite gadgets, eating houses, cars etc The following are a list of well known company signs and logos. Enter the company name below each logo. Note, you have to get the spelling right to score a mark. Entering "Aple" when you mean to enter "Apple" scores zero marks.

Currencies of the World 101

Around the world different countries use various currencies. The most well known are probably the Dollar and Pounds.

What about other country currencies - especially the smaller countries you may not have heard about. This is the first in a series of quizzes to explore world currencies.

Enter each country's currency name below it.

Ladies Shoe Types

Ladies love shoes but can they identify, by name, the shoes they own? Below are various shoe model photos plus a little description. Can you name the shoes type?

The History of Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music started out in New York, USA with DJs sampling the popular songs of the day on their turn tables. It has since become a massive multi million dollar industry. It has created huge stars competing at the same level with Rock, Disco and other music genres.

It is not lacking in political expressions as well. The original founders used it as a medium to express their opinions against social injustice common in those days.

Top Footballer Names in Reverse

Following are the photos of some of the best known footballers the planet has ever seen. Below each picture is the name of the person BUT written in reverse minus one alphabet.

Using the picture as an aid, type in the name of each person below their photos. Note that wrongly spelled names will be considered as wrong.

Men In Black 3 Quiz

Men In Black 3 is the the third installment of the very successful science fiction franchise. Agent K and J are out to save the world from weird looking alien invaders again. Are you a fan of the movie? Check how well you know your agents in black suits.

Name these Creatures from their Colours 101

The beauty of most animals is in their appearance. We have even designed some of our apparels to mimic the look of the most loved of these creatures.

The following are some animals with well known stripe or spot patterns. Study the photos and name the creature in each. Note that wrong spellings will be considered as wrong answers.


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